CHANGING OUR WORLD MINISTRIES (COWM), offers individuals and families who are dealing with life changing events; such as a debilitating injury, serious illness or even the death of a loved one, an opportunity to go to a "secluded place and rest for a while". Located in South Texas, COWM provides a "quiet ministry" within it's many acres of ranch land.  Quiet in that we do not impose our Christian beliefs and actions on anyone; we simply wish to show love to our neighbor and help sooth and calm their weary souls.

HONORING OUR VETERANS is a mainstay within Changing Our World Ministries. Serving those who defend and protect our freedom is an esteemed privilege. We have taken great strides to provide accommodations suitable for all of our guest, despite their disability. Compassion and Christian charity coupled with Texas hospitality is what our guests experience throughout their stay with us.

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Need a change in your world then come to our quiet and secluded place in the country and simply "rest for a while". Don't leave your luggage behind but do let us carry it for you. "Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest".